Adam Zucker has been zealously defending clients’ rights since 1988.

Since forming Mudrick & Zucker, P.C. with partner Daniel Mudrick in 1995, Mr. Zucker has been awarded numerous accolades and received praises from clients who describe him as “a champion in the courtroom”, and “exceptional, knowledgeable, and dedicated.” Mr. Zucker describes himself as a fighter for the little guy and prides himself on truly getting to know his clients. Growing up as the eldest of three siblings in a close knit family in the greater Philadelphia area, Adam learned early on the values of loyalty, justice, and the importance of fighting for the unpopular cause.

Mr. Zucker represents college students, the disabled, professionals, laborers and anyone facing criminal and Title IX charges. No matter the client, Mr. Zucker is tireless in representing his clients and uses all resource at his disposal in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome. Mr. Zucker has spent his entire career working to protect the rights of the accused. He has represented clients from all walks of life and fought relentlessly to secure successful results.

Awards & affiliations:

  • Awarded the prestigious “AV” rating and declared a “pre-eminent lawyer” by Martindale Hubbell.
  • Awarded the “Superb” rating, which is the highest offered by AVVO.
  • Past president of the Montgomery Trial Lawyers
  • Current Co-Chair of the Montgomery Bar Criminal Defense committee, where he co-authored the Montgomery County Criminal Defense Handbook


  • Having illegally obtained evidence suppressed, leading to the dismissal of all charges against an NBA player who was wrongfully accused of major felonies.
  • Successfully appealing and having the conviction of a disabled man over turned in a major Felony Wire Tap Drug case.
  • He was also successful in having all computer sex crime charges withdrawn for a prominent businessman, who, through Mr. Zucker’s tenacious investigation, was shown to have had his computer accessed by others who likely downloaded contraband that lead to these charges.
  • Convincing the District Attorney to drop all felony Drug Delivery charges against a Villanova University Student, after a conducting a collecting volumes of evidence which pointed to another student being the culprit, saving his client from a felony conviction and two years in State Prison.
  • Securing a plea to a lesser misdemeanor charge for a Temple University Student charged with felony drug delivery, thus allowing the client to finish college and enter the work force.
  • Obtain a Not Guilty Verdict in a Felony Burglary Case for a Trash Collector falsely accused of breaking in to a home on his route.