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Delaware County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re currently facing criminal charges, you may feel unsure of what to do or where to turn. Fortunately, if you are reading this, you have come to the right place. Contact a dedicated Delaware County criminal defense lawyer from Mudrick & Zucker today so we can get started crafting a strong defense on your behalf.

Criminal Defense Lawyer | Serving Delaware County and All of Pennsylvania

Here at Mudrick & Zucker, we believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, which is why you have our pledge to do everything in our power to preserve your innocence. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Delaware County or anywhere in Pennsylvania, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team.

Our Criminal Defense Services

Mudrick & Zucker is a staunch legal advocate for all those who’ve been charged with crimes in Delaware County and throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Some of the criminal charges we handle are as follows:

If you’ve been charged with any of the aforementioned, you can depend on us to provide you with the strong legal guidance you deserve.

General Information About Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Delaware County is a historic region that offers a variety of attractions, culture, and entertainment. With a population of over 576,000 people, it is the fifth-most populous county in the state and the third-smallest in the area.

If you are facing criminal charges in Delaware County, you need an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who can navigate the local court system and protect your rights. The Delaware County Court of Common Pleas is the main trial court that handles felony and misdemeanor cases, as well as civil, family, and juvenile matters. The court is located in the historic courthouse in Media, the county seat. There are also several district courts throughout the county that handle minor offenses, traffic violations, and preliminary hearings.

Contact a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Here at Mudrick & Zucker, we are committed to protecting our clients from an uncertain future. If you’ve been charged with a crime, please don’t hesitate to contact a dedicated Delaware County criminal defense lawyer from our firm today.

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