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Montgomery County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Title IX Defense & Bankruptcy Attorneys

At Mudrick & Zucker, protecting our clients’ futures is our number one priority. If you have been charged with a crime and need a Montgomery County criminal defense lawyer, are considering bankruptcy because of unmanageable debt or to prevent the loss of your home, or are facing disciplinary action at your college due to accusations under Title IX, then we are ready to help. Our attorneys have decades of experience protecting our client’s rights. Contact Mudrick & Zucker today so we can get started working to safeguard your future.

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We give each client’s case the attention that we would want if it were a family member’s case. We give you the advice that you need to make the best decisions and we understand the fear and anxiety of high-pressure legal matters. We are here to answer your questions, take on your fight, and guide you on your path to justice.


We fiercely fight for our clients and tirelessly pursue justice on their behalf. We will leave no stone unturned to get the just result. Mudrick & Zucker is your dedicated legal ally in the fight for your future.


Our team is driven to get the results you deserve. We are ready to put our experience, passion for justice, and deep bench of resources to work for you. We will be in your corner and fight to secure your future.

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“We understand how the system works and we use our extensive skills, contacts, resources, and experience to assure that your legal rights are protected. You can depend on Mudrick & Zucker to fight for the outcome you need.”

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Criminal Defense

Whether you are falsely accused or are a good person who just made a bad decision and is being investigated or charged with a crime, you need a legal advocate you can depend on to effectively defend your freedom in the face of uncertain times. At Mudrick & Zucker, we know the impact criminal charges can have on a person and their loved ones. We bring not only a wealth of experience, but also an unyielding commitment to safeguarding your future. Your defense is our mission, and the right to justice fuels our determination.

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People find themselves in financial stress for a number of reasons. Regardless of whether it is due to illness, job loss, divorce, or some other reason, if you are struggling financially, you are not alone, and you do have options. Our compassionate bankruptcy lawyers are here to offer you a lifeline. We understand the stress and uncertainty you’re facing, and we are committed to guiding you toward a fresh start. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, we know how to help lift the financial weight off your shoulders.

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Title IX Defense

Whether it is a student or faculty member being accused of violating a school’s Title IX policy, they risk facing harsh punishment that can jeopardize their educational & professional future. Mudrick & Zucker proudly defends students and faculty who are facing allegations of Title IX violations. Our backgrounds in criminal defense, prosecution, and civil litigation make our attorneys well-prepared to effectively fight for you and your future.

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